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We make compelling stories of natural history while speaking the language of Wildlife conservation.


Trailing wild is a media production house based out of Bengaluru. We make films on natural history and wildlife conservation. We believe every story about our natural world is worth showing and worth watching. Having started off our journey as wildlife enthusiasts, we have been pushing the envelope of conservation through our films.


What We Do


Broadcast film, films for social media, fundraiser, conservation report, drone project, whatever your story is, we have a narrative for you.


Be it a rare animal or a crucial conservation moment or a picturesque landscape, whatever your requirement is, our photographs will talk for you.

Film Editing

Your pictures and videos are worth telling a story. We will help create stories of your experiences.


Writers Desk

From writing scripts for your next film to putting your grandma’s tales on the paper, we will help you write your tales to the world.


The Naga Pride is community conservation documentary revolving around the annual migratory birds, Amur Falcon and the hunting tribes of Nagaland. It showcases the transformation of these hunter to protectors with support and participation from the government, NGO’s and wildlife conservationists and enthusiasts. It also deals with the effect of climate change on wildlife in general and Amur falcons in particular and how they cope with the changing environmental conditions.

Our Latest Work

We help spread the many little and big stories that inspired you, our videos represent your work.