Endemic Species Conservation

The belief that the human form and life has somehow given us control over Ecosystems is why a lot of other life forms are at the brink of extinction. While the causes of ‘development’ and ‘urbanisation’ are reasons why the intricate balance of many habitats are long gone; plain old arrogance that nature’s rules can be defied are other reasons why bio diversity is shrinking. To support and uphold the causes of such endemic species, the following CEPF-ATREE funded initiatives are working hard toward the recreation and guarding of natural habitats. Sneha Kunja Trust, Sirsi Forestry College, Life Trust and Karnataka Forest Department have come together to protect the endemic species in the Myristica Swamps by safe guarding their natural habitat and trying to recreate habitats in nurseries for them. Bombay Natural History Society has been documenting the diversity and distribution of fresh water fishes, involving the experts from both scientific institutions and local tribal communities in Raigad, Maharashtra.