Team Bio


George Thengummoottil, an award winning filmmaker and editor was born in Palakkad, Kerala. During his early teenage he was affected by Keratoconus, a degenerative disorder of the eye and was blind by the age of 13. He had to stop his normal stream of studies and activities. Later he underwent corneal transplantation and partially recovered vision in one of his eyes. He continued to pursue his graduation and landed a job after his post-graduation in a Bangalore based company, Lucid Imaging, which specialized in machine vision projects.


His love for cinema and writing led him to pursue masters in journalism and subsequently he worked as a journalist with Times of India and assisted filmmaker Sandesh Kadur at Felis Creations. He fueled his interest in filmmaking by making small edits and started as a documentary editor.

George is also the founder of Keratoconus Foundation India, a charitable trust registered under Indian Trusts Act, 1882 which guides Keratoconus patients in India to lead a better life and support them economically.

Sumanth and George first associated together on “The Return of Sangai” and have worked together since.