Green Economies

The bounty of forests has been the lifeline of civilizations from the beginning of time itself. This bounty however can get sparse given the greed with which forests are plundered. The primary flaw behind this is the failure to understand the intricate balance that the immediate life forests hold and using them as an easily replaceable resource. Green Economies is therefore a breakthrough in thought and work flow that beautifully structures sustainable usage and makes it monetarily viable. This idea thus saves the forests and the gives the immediate indigenous tribe depending on it,and all of us, a better tomorrow. The following are the CEPF-A tree funded projects that have made Green Economies a reality to be proud of. 1. Junglescapes has made removing Lantana, an alien invasive plant a sustainable, and monetizing forest friendly activity in Southern Karnataka. 2. Applied Environmental Research Foundation has developed green economy that makes the use of non-timber forest products a sustainable activity against the mere chopping of trees in Northern Western Ghats.