River Terns of Bhadra

The Bhadra tiger reserve is one of India’s treasured tiger reserves. The reserve, rich in flora and fauna is flanked by the backwaters of Bhadra dam to the north. This brilliant landscape is home to many extraordinary stories. In summers, the backwaters of Bhadra witness a magical phenomenon. Thousands of River terns throng the backwaters in search of a nesting place. The phenomenon is rare and unique and the birds choose the same island each year to nest. The film brings the story of their lives up-close. With hidden camera traps, underwater cameras and high speed cameras, the film captures some special sequences. 5 months in the making, the film showcases unique behaviour of the birds which has been documented on high definition cameras for the first time. Watch the drama of life unfold on the Bhadra backwaters, see the brilliance of life and the fight for survival on “River Terns of Bhadra”.