Species Recovery & Management

In the name of development and urbanization, it is conveniently forgotten that all species have as much right of ownership of the Earth, as much as human beings do. This has not only resulted in the greedy encroachment of their habitats but also in the ruin of the natural balance that their existence causes. Western Ghats, being the home to a quarter of the country’s wild life has particularly experienced this issue. This is an attempt to understand the commendable efforts of conservationists in saving some rarest of the rare species and CEPF-Atree’s timely intervention in aiding the same. SnehaKunja Trust in partnership with Sirsi Forestry College has been working to save Myristica Swamps, one of the most critical ecosystems of the country. NGO Arulagam has been working towards saving vultures that have been severely threatened in the wake of diclofenac infected carcasses. Nature Conservation Foundation has worked towards reducing animal mortality due to collision with vehicles. These efforts will bear true results only when the overall mentality towards wildlife gets less selfish and more accommodative.